Crashing & Fast tracking

 Crashing & Fast tracking 


The process of trying to compress the duration of an activity by allocating more resources to it is known as crashing. 


If an activity 'A' takes 10 days to complete with a resource R1 then;

Duration = 10 Calendar days and Effort = 10 Person days (Man days) 

Normal duration = 10 , Normal cost = 10 Person days 

If we add one resource 'R2' and if the activity takes 6 days to complete, then,

Duration = 6 Calendar days and Effort = 12 Person days 

Crash duration = 6, Crash cost = 12 Person days ( Can be converted into money by applying man day cost) 

Crash duration is always shorter than the normal duration. Crash cost is always higher than the normal cost. 

Fast tracking 

Trying to do things in parallel, which were originally scheduled sequentially is known as fast tracking. 

When there is a schedule slippage, or if someone wants to complete the project faster, then the activities on the critical path can be crashed and fast tracked. 


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