Project Management as PDCA


The Deming's wheel of Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) states that whatever we want to do must be planned first. Then the plan must be executed. The progress must me monitored and if there is a variance take action to control performance. Irrespective of the life cycle (Agile, Predictive, Hybrid), all projects fits into the PDCA cycle and that gives structure to the project management body of knowledge, which is easy to understand and recollect. 

Project management comprises of a series of PDCA cycles of;

  1. Integration management 
  2. Scope management 
  3. Schedule management 
  4. Cost management 
  5. Quality management 
  6. Human resource management 
  7. Material and Equipment management 
  8. Risk management 
  9. Procurement management 
  10. Communications management 
  11. Stakeholder management 
  12. Environment, Health & Safety 
All these PDCA cycles work in tandem, to deliver the product / service of the project on time, within budget and meet the goal of the project. 


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