Dear professional, Are you listening?

In the corporate world, Others reward you because you are able to add value to them. The rewards are directly proportional to the amount of value one can provide. Hence it becomes mandatory to enhance the value adding potential of the self  continuously. How do we do that correctly to achieve peak potential within 6083 person days is the real question!. 

How did I arrive at that magical number of 6083?. Here is some math.   By the time we reach the corporate world we are at least 20 years old. If one is really passionate about what he/she is doing, and if health permits, the professional career can extend up to the sixties and seventies. That is fifty years to be very optimistic.. Even if 50 years looks like a considerable amount of time, it amounts to just 18,250 days. Considering the fact that on an average we work eight hours per day, which is one third of the day, this will shrink to a shocking 6083 person days of effective work capacity available to every individual who are just entering the corporate world at the age of twenty. So, all of us have or had only 6083 person days of work capacity to achieve our professional dreams / peaks in a life time, when we started off as professionals. In reality it is even shorter. 

A good formula could be (70 - Your present age)*365 / 3

  • 70 is the age you want to retire from the corporate world (Assumption)
  • Your present age (Reality) 
  • 365 is the number of days in a year (assumption - you work without holidays, or you work even during holidays, because you enjoy it)
  • 3 - is because on an average a person works only 8 hours per day, which is one third of the day)

That is what you and me have to achieve our professional dreams. 

For that one must;

  • Have career goals to achieve 
  • Choose the projects wisely 
  • Have good time management 
  • Have good health management (Physical and Mental) 

Are you listening!. 

Enhancing Career, Credibility and Competency


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